28 Feb

Vaccine Controversy | Our Rights Vanquished? #effects of vaccines#vaccines#autism and vaccines#ingredients in vaccines#MMR#Polio

Vaccine Controversy | Our Rights Vanquished? As an educated mother with a Masters degree, I tend to research anything and everything I do or buy before doing so. Especially when it comes to the health of my family. Once your...
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23 Feb

Post Your Picture Contest!

Post Your Picture Contest!   Post your best solo or group picture with my book “The Elephant in the Room From Pregnancy to the First Year Of Parenthood ”  The BEST Picture WINS a group talk about the entire book with demonstrations...
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11 Jan

Changes in the body once you are pregnant and have your baby

I found this article which explains the reasons why mothers change while pregnant and also after giving birth. Like this:Like...
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5 Jan

This is Why You Should Not Blindly Follow Your Doctor’s Advice to Vaccinate

I found this article about vaccinating yourself and your children. Along with other articles I have posted, this one in particular has links, opinions and researched truth about medical practitioners and their obligation to insist on vaccines. Like this:Like...
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