Potty Training

26 Apr
Potty Training your Child  Potty training for everyone could be a bit of a headache if you ask me No matter how cute they are. You know eventually, everyone learns but is the process the same for everyone? There are tons...
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Book Ambassador’s Needed

5 Aug
Mommy’s Knowledge is doing a promotion this month of August 2015. We need 25 Book Ambassador’s  Get a Free...
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Budgeting before & after baby, Emotional Awareness Seminar

10 Jul
Are you an Aspiring Mother? Expecting? or New Mom? Come join us at the Wise Little Shoppers where I will be talking about Budgeting before & after baby’s arrival, Emotional Tips & Tricks to make it through your First Year of Parenting;...
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Diapers & Clothes: How many do you need?

19 Jun
How many do you need? As a new parent, you want to make sure you have what you need for when baby arrives. But how do you really know if you have never done this...
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Perfect Gift for New Dads for Father’s Day!

15 Jun
Wondering what to give your New or Expecting DAD for Father’s Day? How about a ticket to knowledge! Give him a book where he will be supported and ready when baby arrives. If baby is already here then help him...
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Body Changes During Pregnancy

5 Jun
Body Changes During Pregnancy Ever wonder how it looks internally when you’re pregnant? I found a video that shows you how your body and organs shift as your baby grows inside you during pregnancy.  I hope you enjoy it!  ...
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Wheat And Gluten The Effects On Your Baby

1 Jun
Wheat And Gluten The Effects On Your Baby   For all new parents with teething babies going from puree food to solids, the transition can be challenging at times. One thing for sure is that babies like to chew on...
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