A letter to My Son on your 2nd Birthday

29 Aug

My Son,

By the you read this you will be an adult. I wanted to write you a letter so you get to know a little bit about yourself at this age.Eli 22 months cropFirst I want to tell you about what you have done to me as a person since the moment I found out you were coming, and all the accomplishments you have achieved thus far and how you have developed in your personality by this age.

First off, when I found out about you I was thrilled and so scared all at once. My thoughts on if I would be a good mother to you and if you would love me like I love you. The pressure of creating a human being and raising a person to fit in and exceed today’s society is pretty heavy on a new mom. But the connection we have calms all worries and fills me with love.

You have taught me to love unconditionally and be totally selfless for the first time in my life. I know now how God feels about Jesus and about us as his children. You will one day know this love when you have your own child. The love a mother has for her child is one to lay your own life down so that your baby (you will always be my baby no matter how old you are) can live and succeed.

You changed my life completely from one direction and guided me to do things I never thought I would, also to make sacrifices I didn’t think I could or would do for anyone. You inspired me to be an author helping other parents in their new journey with their babies writing the book The Elephant in the Room to a parenting blog Mommy’sKnowledge.com. I thank you for choosing me to be your mother and I thank God daily for your life and giving me my angel, you.

You as an individual have always been ahead of others and have developed quickly. You had head balance when you were born (which is not normal). You have been such a good and super happy baby all the time. You have inspired and touched the lives of EVERYONE that has crossed your path. You make them so happy even in their darkest moments. (That is a special gift)!

By the time you were 4 and 5 months old you slept through the night and started your first tooth. You never complained of pain and had a great disposition through it all. A true blessing. By the time you were one; you already spoke at least 25 words which is already so ahead of schedule. I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of you.

You are so intelligent it’s beyond everyone’s belief. If you are not learning you are bored. You love music and dancing, especially the beach boys. You have quite a personality and are so funny. You love to entertain people and give so much love and affection. You also have an extremely kind and sensitive heart.

By now you are 2 years old and time has flown by and are such a big boy. Such a great person, I can’t be prouder. You have over 100 words in your vocabulary. It’s amazing! You sing all the time your ABC’s, twinkle twinkle, the wheels on the bus, the farmer in the dale, happy birthday and Jesus love me. You also love Nemo, Mickey Mouse and the Notekins. Your favorite games are Peek A Boo, “I’m gonna get you” (chase me) and you love to jump on daddy. You always greet people whether you are entering a place screaming at the top of your lungs “hello or hi” waving so that everyone waves back, and when you leave you make sure you say “bye” to everyone and they do the same to you. Special and kind do not begin to touch the surface of who you are.

Your daddy is your hero, you love Nana very much, you’re obsessed with Abuelo and Nanny.Your bond with Abuelo is special, you have a thing together that when he comes over you both eat chocolate covered raisins. When you speak to him on the phone you take the raisins out waiting for his arrival. You have a special thing with each person in your life and you don’t forget it; no matter how long it is till you see them again.

Mimi and Ron Ron love you greatly.  I have to admit I do get jealous at times, but I love the fact you have such a great relationship with our parents that love you. I seem to be your safety, we can’t be without each other. I’m the one you call ALL the time for everything  (buggies, dirty diapers, booboos, food, temper tantrums, frustrations, learning, achievements, bed time songs, nightmares, when your sick and everything else) you tell others you love them easily and for me well you show me in these ways. I get the special I love you Mami every once in a while, but what I see most is how much you need me daily and your emotions and actions of love from asking for hugs, blowing me kisses, and grabbing my face and saying Mami!  I am so in love with us it’s beyond words. Parts of me don’t want you to grow up because it’s such a special time. You are my heart.!

You are definitely a blessing to everyone but mostly to me. I see so much of me in you and so much of your dad as well. You have the best of both of us and that makes you so special.

For now we keep coloring, practicing numbers (which you can already count to 15 and 10 in Spanish) and you know all your letters. I love you more than words can express and I’ll tell you more about yourself next year. I can’t wait to see what is in store and the adventures we will go through.

Love always and forever
Infiniti times infinity baby boy,


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