Large Blog ImageMy name is Krizia Guerra-Coleman, I am a mom of two wonderfully amazing kids a boy who has changed my world, and a girl who has filled our hearts with joy. I was a teacher for 5 years before I met my husband. I graduated with my MFA a few months after finding out I was pregnant with my first.

I took my thesis writing experience and decided to put it to use once I had my son. I became a Stay-at-home mom and started this blog as well as writing my book. The Elephant In The Room From Pregnancy To The First Year of Parenthood. I wrote my book as I went along and researched, met with doctors, chiropractor, therapists and, of course, the best source of all… Other MOMS! 

I wanted to get the REAL 411 on parenting. What really works, what do you really need and how do you survive. Thanks to all the support that I reached out to, I was able to accomplish this goal with the intention of helping new and expecting parents on their new adventure. Making parenting a little bit easier with all this information.

I created this page to help women who feel emotionally different from all the stereotypes of what people say “you should feel during pregnancy and as a mom”. Helpful and educated information on parenting, tips, and health subjects. I am definitely not excluding DAD’s! This page is for you too with all the 411 you need to help you through this time as well and impress your wife!   YouTube channel from Mommy’s Knowledge 

I believe women should be able to talk about certain things or “secrets” that are not spoken about or too taboo when you become pregnant. Or a mother for the first time, or if you feel different from your prior pregnancies to your current one, even in your marriage, other relationships and how to have a happy functioning household. By helping each other out and sharing information, we as parents become better educated on caring for our little ones.

I also encourage any woman or man who has a story at any stage from pregnancy and beyond that she would like to share to do so by submitting it on the Share Your Story section. This will help build a support group while being able to receive and provide advice, tricks to parenting and to enlighten other moms and moms-to-be and making motherhood a little bit easier.

Welcome to the #Ma-MaClub


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