Allergic to Mosquito Bites?

3 Jun

Allergic to Mosquitoes? 

I found a post that I thought interesting to share.

Product review: Johnson’s baby creamy oil

Now I have not used it myself so I do not know personally but parents have been raving about this product on FaceBook so I decided to share it with you.  ~Krizia

We found out Aryn is very allergic to mosquito bites (as u can tell in the first photo)…. So I did a lot of searching and was told about Johnson’s Creamy Baby Oil. I but it on all the kids Sunday and not one mosquito bite!!!! You could see them fly around aryn but they never once touched her!! I’m amazed! Just thought I would let all u mommies know!! Plus it smells great and has no chemicals:)

Stephanie Betz Porter's photo.
Stephanie Betz Porter's photo.

I hope this product helps you and your little ones this summer! Please post your thoughts and reviews!

Author/Blogger: Krizia Guerra-Coleman

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