Best Gift For New Parents

21 Dec

Best Gift For New Parents

Thanks for watching my channel, here is a little bit of information about me and the links to the products I talk about in this video. I pray my channel helps make your parenting adventure a little bit easier.
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I’m the author of The Elephant In The Room from Pregnancy to the First Year of Parenthood

My blog is

I write in my book about Issues we as parents have today. I am putting more topics on video to spread the love and reality of parenting. Dealing with our little ones and this new thing called Adulthood/Parenting we now do. Whether we are First Time New Parents, or New Parents once again we all need advice, guidance, prayer, and support in raising our children in today’s society.
Welcome to the #GAW Club (Grown/Godly Amazing Woman) Club. You have reached the maximum of your ability. What we talk about on this channel will be parenting situations; for new parents or recurring parents product reviews to make this adventure easier. Is something worth paying for? Trusted product reviews from a real mom going through it with you. Am I going to spend money on this? What do you really need? Living as organic as possible, trying to do my best every day dealing with two kids. From one friend to another, the real deal. Dear Lord help me without you I can not survive. Yes, that is everyone. So let’s talk about it and make this Adventurous Journey called Parenthood a little bit easier by helping each other out. What works and what doesn’t work. Let’s get through it together.


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