Loosing the baby fat article

10 Feb


The amount of children I want to have is my decision and should not be looked down upon the number that I choose whether one or more at any point in my life!

27 Jan

Am I the only person or do you feel the same way? I just had my baby which is my first child and I keep getting people come to me and ask me when is the second one coming? Are … Read More »

Introducing Solid Foods – Enfamil

27 Jan

A nice helpfull post i found for introducing solid foods to baby. http://www.enfamil.com/app/iwp/enf10/content.do?dm=enf&id=/Consumer_Home3/Infants/Infants_Articles/introducingsolids&iwpst=B2C&ls=0&cm_mmc=eEFB-_-routine-_-postnatal-_-main&csred=1&r=3567261077

Tear ducts in babies

12 Jan

If your baby is born with a clogged tear duct if you rub it out and put some breast milk in the eye. (A drop or two) and let it soak in it will heal. If the crusty stuff goes … Read More »

Did You Know? #13-15 After Delivery

15 Nov

#13 When you give birth and you start to carry your baby, you will realize that your back will start to hurt. This is something no one tells you. Get yourself a chiropractor and massages frequently to help.

Did You Know? #11-12 (Helping Baby Sleep)

5 Nov

#11 Make sure you start a routine as soon as possible. Suggested time with some success is at 3 months of age. They are able to sleep longer and take naps throughout the day and it will make life a … Read More »