Diapers & Clothes: How many do you need?

19 Jun

How many do you need?

As a new parent, you want to make sure you have what you need for when baby arrives. But how do you really know if you have never done this before? People just give you stuff at your shower or you look stuff up online and somehow figure it out possibly. But when your baby does arrive you find yourself missing something or wishing you had more diapers or wished you never spent money on certain items that your not using because your baby is too big for newborn size.

Here is a quick tip from my book The Elephant In The Room From Pregnancy to the First Year of Parenthood. Let’s get the real necessities down and return the rest for what you’re really going to use, this all depends on your baby’s size and weight. We can start to figure things out even in the womb.

A good tip: Wait till your sixth or seventh-month ultrasound and find out the weight of your baby. If your baby is about six pounds by then do not waste your time and money on anything newborn; they just won’t fit well. Your best bet would be to get anything from size one in diapers and zero to three months in clothes. That is what they use at the hospital anyways and it is more comfortable on your baby.

Diapers & Clothes: To start off, your baby will use a lot of diapers so I would say to get five size one diapers of a box of at least one hundred and thirty diapers and up, and five size two diapers of the same. This will get you through your first month or two of your baby’s life. If your baby is a preemie or under seven pounds at birth then you can get the newborn size diapers and clothes. 

Why do I say this? Well the baby grows so fast unless there is an issue or just a small baby that grows slower than normal; that if your little one is seven pounds and over newborn clothes and diapers go only to eight pounds max. So don’t waste your money on something you may just have to return or never use or may just use once because it is too tight on your baby.

Babies do get really dirty and require a lot of changing even in clothes. Onesies are great for the early newborns because of the amount of accidents that occurs. Get plenty of those and burp cloths to protect you and your baby. You will see you are going to be doing A LOT of laundry! So stock up on baby detergent as well. The big gallon, not the regular one that you use for your clothes which last a long time. Trust me it will save you money on getting more, things are going to change real fast.

By: Krizia Guerra-Coleman

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