Did You Know?

29 Oct

This continuous segment is a factual segment in which facts are collected about pregnancy that no one talks about. It is where you find out issues, things that may or may not occur to you that pregnancy books just don’t mention. Also where I share tricks or ideas that have worked for other moms that are just passed down from mommy to mommy.

#1 Your partner’s desire for you may decrease during your last trimester because of fear of hurting the baby or simply because he does not see you the “same”. In his eyes he sees you as a MOM now getting ready for birth rather than his sexually attractive partner. This is totally normal but unfortunately for the mom to be not so fun.

#2 On your last trimester your hormones are sky rocket high and for some women you desire sexual contact more frequently.

#3 Because of the elasticity in your muscles during pregnancy you will find you are able to do things you were not able to do before as far as flexibility. For most women anyways if they are not suffering other conditions like Pubic Symphysis Diastasis. So use this time and ability to your advantage! 😉

#4 Towards your last trimester your body begins to prepare for birth. With this being said so does your vagina, you or your partner may notice that your vaginal area begins to swell preparing for delivery. Thus making it hard to walk and cross your legs, this leads to the waddling in your walk and sitting with your legs open becomes more comfortable.

#5 Due to the changes in your physical body, hormones and vagina; your vagina also may change in odor and taste. Thus making oral pleasure unattractive to your partner.  But do not worry, all of this does go back to normal after birth and your recovery. 😉

“Love your family and watch them grow, share your story so Mom’s will know.”

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