Father’s day Gift for Dad’s

10 Jun

Wondering what to get your New or Expecting Dad for Father’s Day?

How about a ticket to knowledge!

Are you a new dad? Do you know of a new dad? Or a Dad to be? Here is a great gift fo them for Father’s Day. Let’s prepare them for what is to come or what is new to them in their lives. Help Dad go through the Journey with Mom in this new life-changing Adventure called ParenthoodHe may even impress you and you don’t have to do the work!

pregnant-elephant-01It’s all done for you in this great modern book The Elephant in the room from Pregnancy to the first Year of Parenthood. A great book for both mom and dad, their survival guide to Parenthood!                                                                   This book offers helpful tips on what you really need for a new arrival and getting them on track on this life-changing time. How to handle things with a new baby, what to do in certain occasions when issues occur with your baby, health tips like how to deal with a cold naturally ,  organic living and much much more! 

Marital advice when dealing with a new baby and home living is also available. Trust me you WILL need it for life changes completely! Tips on understanding your partner during this time both mom and dad.

Budgeting before & after baby’s arrival, emotional tips & tricks to make it through your First Year of Parenthood! Even if it’s not your first baby, things may be different the second time around, (some fellow parents have expressed that this book helped them on their second baby). 

All this and much more in this small simple to read book. The Elephant in the Room from Pregnancy to the First Year of Parenthood!

Get this book personalized for that special dad in your life in time for Father’s day!

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