In One Minute

21 Jun

One Minute as a Stay at Home Mom

In one minute, I set up the microwave to heat up my baby’s lunch and sit him in his highchair when the laundry beeps it’s ready. I take out the laundry and try to place it on the couch so it doesn’t wrinkle and save myself the trouble and time of ironing, when the dogs start to frantically bark at the door because the mailman came to drop off the mail.

As I try to quite them down the baby starts to cry because he is hungry and wants a cookie. The phone starts to ring and it is a business call that I juggle to try and calm the baby down and quiet the dogs to answer it and try to sound professional. While putting in another load of laundry. The baby then starts to play with the vitamin bottles on the counter in which I jump over to stop him from doing so or from breaking anything. Whew! What a day!

In one minute, my fight or flight response is in full gear and being in this state multiple times a day can get to a person. The stress level of controlling it all can be overwhelming. I feel like I need an extra pair of hands. In one minute, my world can be full of chaos with everything happening at the same time and no one to turn to; but cling to God to help me through it.

Finally the food is done and the baby is being fed, the laundry still on the couch, the dogs are chasing each other while I’m scheduling a meeting on the phone. I can do more in one minute than any other moment when things are slower. I tell you being an SAHM is exhausting and being in fight or flight mode the majority of the day can take a toll on a person. You need eyes everywhere and 8 arms to do it all! LoL.

To those much appreciated peaceful moments at nap time or bedtime. Cheers! To all mom’s that our work is never done, takes a toll on our body and under-appreciated at times but the most rewarding job of all. Paid with love and kisses, I love you’s and cries when you leave. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

By: Krizia Guerra-Coleman

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