Juvenile Diabetes Can Happen to Any Child!

2 Jul

Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t run in the family, and it isn’t for old people. This is something that just happens to little children. Babies as young as 2 years old become insulin dependent for the rest of their lives. It changes the lives of everyone in the family and it is most devastating when it occurs. Especially, if you find out through an emergency at the stage of DKA. Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

This video is to bring awareness of Diabetes Type 1 for Juveniles. This is a true story it just happened to us, and I wanted to share this life-altering information to make parents aware that this could happen to anyone! Watch out for the warning signs so it doesn’t get this bad. I hope this video helps you or please share this with someone you think would help. Saving the lives of our children is what’s important.

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