My Birth Story Part1 (Pre-Delivery)

9 Nov

Every birth story is different and extremely personal but there are some things that remain the same. You plan or go into labor and you end up with a baby, everything else in between goes very differently for each mother. Though the end result is the same not all women feel the same once you meet your beautiful new baby. What do I mean? Well, you hear birth stories from other women or your mother, aunts etc… and they tell you what they went through and when the baby came it was instant “love at first sight” and “oh what a wonderful feeling it was.” The list can go on… but what happens when you don’t feel that way? Why do you feel differently? Is that wrong? Is something wrong with you? Well Ill get into that in my birth story in hopes that you can understand and know you are not alone.

I had a planned c-section, yes I planned it and I am not ashamed of it! I am not one of those women that need a gold star next to me because I had it natural. NOPE! Not me! If you are a woman that had it natural, Hats off to you! I am glad you were able to accomplish that and there is nothing wrong with it or c-section. This does not make women that had c-section’s for whatever reason any less of a mother, better or worse of a mother. Now, as I mentioned earlier I had a condition called Pubic Symphysis Diastasis which made life in general for me very painful. The thought of moving my body or getting dressed made my toes curl from the pain. Plus my baby was a big baby with a big head, if I would have delivered naturally I would have permanently damaged myself. Of course I did not want that and was not going to have to deal with that and a new baby, so c-section it was.

A lot of my friends asked me specific details on what is the process of a c-section because they were thinking of it too. Since no book out there goes through it step by step I’m going to tell you how it went for me so that if you are thinking about it you are prepared. At the end of the day it is a surgery but to be honest most people make it to be a bigger deal than it is. If not then I can handle a lot. 😉 But hey why don’t you be the judge of it and see if you can deal with it or not. Like I said every woman is different.

A week before the scheduled date for my delivery I went with my husband to finalize and register myself and give all the information to the hospital so I would not have to do it once I got there. They then took me to a room where they went over allergies, medical history and gave me some instructions on what to do the night before delivery.

This entails 1. No eating after 12AM the night before, not even water. (This is so that when they put the anesthesia you do not get sick or vomit if you have a reaction to it.) 2. Make sure two nights before you shave whatever you want to shave… Why? Well Step 2 is you can’t shave the night before just incase you cut yourself and get an infection due to shaving. 3. When you shower the night before you MUST shower with a specific gel they give you to sterilize your body. 4. No perfume, deodorant, cream or anything you normally put on your body. You must be completely clean and sterile! 5. You must shower again in the morning before going to the hospital the same way you did the night before. 6. No make-up, no nothing on you before the surgery.

Now if you plan on a natural delivery and things get complicated like many women have had to go through do not worry none of these steps pertain to you.Then they take you to another room after briefing you on all this they take some blood work and urine sample and send you home.

What comes next will be in my next blog.

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