Now What?

8 Apr

Congratulations! You’re pregnant!!!! Well to most women that is a great thing and to others well a surprise. Either way it shows that you are fertile, in some women that is not an ability so count that as a blessing. Now that you have gotten over the + sign or the blue line the next big question comes… Now What? Yep your life has officially changed forever, assuming you are going to proceed with the pregnancy. This is a life changer from this moment on for the rest of your life. Wheew! That’s not a lot of responsibility… Noooooo! Well now that we have realized that, what do you do? Well first step tell your significant other. After that start eating healthy because whatever you eat the nutrients are going to your baby. You are NOT eating for Two your baby just gets the nutrients. You may need to eat smaller amounts more frequently or a little more of a portion in your main meals and have healthy snacks in between. Drink an abundance of water! It doesn’t matter if you pee every 5 minutes you need it and so does your baby!

            Now that all that is out in the open you still may have mixed feelings. Lets talk about the elephant in the room shall we? The load of responsibility that just landed on your shoulders. This baby/fetus depends on you to survive and make it to the birth, No pressure! You need to make sure you are always safe, minimal stress, healthy, eating well, exercise to maintain your weight and give off good hormones and endorphins to your unborn baby. Talk about a change of life huh? You also have to maintain your ordinary life as well until baby comes. That’s not a lot… Ha!

            This can be overwhelming to most women; at least it was for me. The thought that I will never be an I anymore but a WE from now on was frightening. The death of who I used to be was hard to swallow because I just finally got to understand and know her. I now have to figure out who I am now and who I will become once baby arrives. Well the second part you won’t know until the day your baby arrives but in the process of pregnancy you also change in the way you see life and how you behave as well as what you think about or talk about. It is usually all about baby… baby mode in gear!

To some women this shift is harder than others but whatever the feeling it is ok and normal. It doesn’t make you a bad person if this shift is hard for you; you are not alone! My suggestion is to go and see someone to talk to maybe a friend or a therapist it may help you better cope with this change in your life. After all you just got hit with a ton of responsibility, fear of what is to come and a love you cannot understand yet. Lets add to that YOU as you know it is no longer and well you will never be the same. Smile after all it is a good thing whether you can see it yet or not it will pay off.

Now that we got that out of the way, what are the things your going to need as essentials at first? Well since the economy isn’t all that great and for most people money is tight you are going to have to fight off the urge of buying your baby everything you see. I know its hard because its your baby and your baby deserves the best and everything you can give it! But your pocket may disagree with the love you have for your little bun in the oven. So lets be practical and do a little of both and come to a compromise of the things your baby will need immediately and the luxuries you want for your little one. Every family is different so if you have the means to spoil then go ahead if not don’t feel bad your little one doesn’t know the difference and does not need much for the first few months.

Lets make your practical registry and you can move on from there as your little bundle of joy grows up. Your main items and essentials are pretty basic. I am going to tell you what I picked out and in no need do you have to choose the same it is just my choice. Everyone is different and does things there own way, but if you need guidance here is a list.

Bigger items:

1.     Bassinette (I chose a co-sleeper it made it easier to get the baby in and out for late night breastfeeding’s and easier for mom’s who had a c-section. If you are not breastfeeding this one is optional you may just get the crib if you do not want your baby to sleep next to you. )

2.     Changing table and laundry basket (I chose one that had both in one it made changing easy) People also choose just to have the changing mattress on a dresser. Either is fine. Don’t forget the covers!

3.     Rocker Chair (Invest in this! It is expensive but the item most needed and spent your time on it needs to be comfortable! I prefer a recliner and rocker so you can be comfortable too!) Make sure you get the autumn that comes with it. Your comfort depends on it!

4.     The Swing (Your new best friend!) get one that is comfortable, has soothing sounds and has some type of stimulation like a mobile. This will help with the baby’s vestibular system.

5.     Baby Mobile Gym  (This will give you a break from holding the baby and the learning for your little one with all the music and stimulation this gym has for newborns and infants)

6.     Baby Seat Rocker (Google this to get the one you like. Why is this necessary… well do you want to shower? If you strap baby in this seat you can bring baby into the bathroom with you and you have peace of mind to shower with baby in your supervision.

7.     Breast Pump You may purchase one or rent one from the hospital if you are not sure if you can or want to pump.

8.     Bottle Warmer Necessity! This makes your life easier when warming a bottle late night or early morning.

9.     Bottle Sterilizer unless you wash bottles in your dishwasher you need to sterilize your baby’s bottles, pacifiers, teether’s etc… it saves on your water bill later for the amount of times you have to do this.

10.  Car seat how else are you going to take the baby home?! Or anywhere for that matter.

11.  Stroller That too!!!! Your going to need to get out of the house… duh!

Smaller Necessities:

1.     Bottles (For breastfeeding and formula moms you do not want to be the only one having to feed your baby you need a break too.) (It is more practical to get the bigger 8oz. bottles because babies are hungry! Less bottles and more milk in the bigger bottles than the small ones. If you get the small ones its better for water after month 4.) My preference: I used all the brands to try them out and there is myths of latching on right etc. from certain brands but it’s just a myth. It doesn’t matter how the nipple on the bottle is your baby will always want the breast better than the bottle if you start them off on level 1 until you stop breastfeeding. It has the same consistency. I chose a certain brand because of the nipple experience it does not get sucked in to the bottle while the baby is drinking and also it helps not to have a colicky baby. Dr. Browns. Some mom’s like other brands better but this was my choice. Its up to you on what you like best. (I do not get anything from naming brands just a mom’s knowledge to another what has worked best for my baby.)

2.     Formula if you are doing formula and not breastfeeding. Or if you are breastfeeding use formula for the last feeding at night to have a longer night sleep.

3.     Bathing Mat/Hammock Whatever you choose that works best for your sink and baby. (I used a few different types, the best for me was the baby bath hammock, it was easy to use, store and keep clean. Once my baby grew out of it I used a baby bathtub.)

4.     Bathing sponge/small washcloth helpful for bathing baby’s soft delicate skin with a bath soap of your choice. The washcloth is also good for boys when changing a diaper to prevent accidental spraying on you.
Bath towels for newborns a soft thin hooded towels work best for their delicate skin and small bodies. All the other bath towels that are thinker with characters are best when baby is older and bigger.

5.     Diapers and Wipes Babies use about 10 diapers a day sometimes more if they are newborn so do the math 10 diapers a day about 170 diapers a week. But don’t think your little one will use a lot of newborn diapers they usually have a growth spur and go from newborn to size 1 with in the first few weeks.

6.     Adult diaper pads (This is a personal item, I had a boy so the accidents were more than not; so to avoid having to do laundry so many times a day or week I got these pads to line the changing table and when there was an accident it would wet the pad and it was easy to change, instead of having to change the cover of the changing table and do so much laundry.)

7.     Diaper Pail Avoid not having baby’s room smell like dirty diaper. Get a pail to keep the dirty diapers in one contained place.

8.     Baby clothes get comfortable clothes for baby they will be changed often due to spit up, vomit and diaper accidents. Shoes are not necessary but cute for pictures. Remember most of your day will be spent at home feeding, changing and sleeping for the first month or two.

9.     Bibs and burp cloth’s essential unless you want to always be full of yucky stuff that WILL come out of your baby.

10.  Butt Ointment good to have and put on the baby to prevent or eliminate diaper rash.


·                                  Your baby does not need any toys for they do not know how to move much or play for the first few months so that can be put aside after the 3rd or 4th month.

·                                  Baby Teething items are necessary during or after the 2nd month. (My   faves are the toothbrush banana, the toothbrush that slides on your finger from the medical kit (these breaks the gums and its easier for the teeth to come in, makes teething a little bit more tolerable and keeps teeth that come in clean) and the Susie giraffe with handles)


Once you have these essential items you are set for your baby’s arrival anything else can be purchased once the baby is born and a few months old. 

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