Postpartum Depression and its Connection with God

23 Jul

   Postpartum Depression and its Connection with God

    Postpartum Depression Ever wondered why women go through postpartum depression? Why is it supposed to happen with women after giving birth? Why does it happen to all women?

     Why is it worse for some women and not for all? These are a few questions I have asked myself after having my son. After much prayer and deep communication with the Holy Spirit, I received an answer to some questions.

     I know some people are pretty skeptical and think this is strange to think of this as a spiritual thing, instead of just the biological aspect we are all used to hearing and drilled in our heads as to why this occurs. But, It’s a real and a very powerful concept in which not many will be able to grasp and understand. That is ok too. If there is a little shred of curiosity and open-mindedness hear this and maybe it will open yourself to a different way of looking at things.

     I’ll begin with saying that my postpartum has been long, hard and very confusing I might say. See, my journey has not been very conventional, but hey I know God has a reason and a purpose for everything.  This is how it has been for me. My purpose, to communicate with you of course!  

     Looking at my physical being, I wondered; why the chemical imbalance, splotches on my face, depression, crying, almost “missing something” feeling. I didn’t understand why I had the emotional downward spiral because I had my baby, finally in my arms that I waited 40 weeks to meet. I was happy I had my baby but I was totally confused about my emotions. After many questions along with issues, physically, mentally and emotionally after 3 years I was able to come to understand the true meaning behind it and a part of God’s Master Plan in the circle of life.

 (Embryo Images by: Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson)

     Whether you believe in God or not, it is still a fact of life in this situation that a woman is at her most powerful at the moment of conception that she will ever be. (This also applies to animals.) Let’s break this down so you can fully understand.  At the moment of conception, a woman has the power of two other people inside her body in order to create another life.

(See Image below successful sperm not merged yet. Three people Mother is the vessel, Egg with her DNA, Father’s sperm with his DNA )

     This image allows you to see the individuality of all parties partaking in this creation. Not yet immersed into one. What do I mean? Well, you have the mother/female who has 50% of the DNA and mutating ability to adjust her body in order to create life. Though this is not only up to her it takes more than that. We have the male/father who gives the sperm which has the other 50% chromosome DNA to combine with the female egg to create a human body. There is also the 3rd part of this powerful equation God, [Genesis:2:7]  to give the chosen soul of the new person (the baby is the fourth person) to actually make it come to life and tell the brain to think, move and learn. So THREE people to create the Fourth person, all inside one physical human body and soul.

(Image below: embryo immersed and soul in embryo attaching to the uterine wall telling the cells how to merge & what to grow)

     See, just the human flesh cannot make the body think, move and learn without a soul to tell it to do so. Yes, the brain makes everything work in the physical body; but, in order for it to do so the soul must order it from the brain. For example; if the person dies the body parts may still function or with donation help another body function properly. This works with tissues, bones, organs etc.. including the heart which keeps the body working because the brain tells it to pump. It works because the soul tells the brain to do so. When someone is brain dead that means the soul is gone. The soul is what keeps the brain working and is the person as you know them, without the soul the brain doesn’t work and can’t be moved to another body just like body parts. This doesn’t transfer the person you knew into another person’s body. The soul is no longer there. The separation between soul and body is what constitutes the death of the body.

    “The brain is wired for faith.”   The picture on the right is the brain in embryo, it is the first thing that starts to develop when in the womb; in order for it to tell the rest of the cells to form the rest of the organs and body to form the physical baby.

      So back to the 3 people for conception, it is the most powerful moment in a female’s life that she will ever be. A split moment to be touched by God to be given the power and ability to create life in which man cannot create on his own.

      Another point of reference for you to understand is stillbirths. If life begins at birth and the first breath then why does the baby move in the womb? If it begins at first breath of air then why do we have stillbirths? Still Babies have all the components right? Male and Female Chromosomes, or do we need more than just matter? Life maybe? But we can’t have life without our soul and our soul comes from God’s element from the heavens.(“With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.” [Genesis:4:1] was spoken by Eve when she was pregnant with the first baby of the world Cain.[Genesis:2:7] “God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, the man became a living being.”  Without God’s chosen soul into a baby at conception, then the baby is born still. The soul has been taken back from the new baby for whatever the reason is. It is definitely a test of faith when the bad or devil kicks in to lure you away from God.

Here is an example to think about. A car is like a person, think about it… The shell or body of the car is the same as a Human body. The body which we see, then there is the engine which is the organs in the body. Then we have the wheel which tells the car what to do which is the brain of the human body. But does the car turn on and work, move or do anything at all on its own? No, it needs a human to be behind the wheel inside the car to control the car’s movement; this is the soul in the human body it tells the brain (wheel) what to do and turns on the ignition. Without the soul’s order the body isn’t able to move (wheel) or be alive (ignition). Get it?

     Woman are so powerful because she is given this gift from God to connect with Him in a special and unique way. This act is a mere glimpse of the power God has and what He does for us. Because of this power, we also feel a small token of what God’s love is and what pure love feels like for our children. This love is most dominant in mother’s because we have gone through this powerful moment even if we don’t realize it. Father’s have some of this love and concept idea because well, at the end of the day it is also their offspring. Though the mother’s love is so special and different due to this experience and having to care for, and love a human being that she is creating in her body without meeting the child beforehand and creating a relationship with it.

     This is why we all know a mother’s love is so special right? Because she was the base of your existence. This is a small glimpse as to the love God has for us, but putting that aside; this is the most powerful and fertile, fruitful she will ever be, whenever she is pregnant.

     Picture it as a tree, the tree starts from a seed from another tree (woman). You need water for the seed to begin to sprout which is the soul (given by God) without it you can not have a prosperous tree. But after needing water for the seed to kick in, it also needs soil (matter) given by man. You need 3 things in order for it to completely form a fruitful tree. Get it? [Genesis:2:4-7]

     A seed’s purpose can not grow solely on water (I mean, it needs water in order for it to grow). [Genesis:1:29-30]  It can start to grow with only water but it also needs nutrients (matter) to grow properly; which is soil. (Some people may argue differently but scientifically; even if you do not have soil you still need the nutrients for plants or vegetables to grow. Where would you get this? Fish castings substitute for soil when growing for farming at times, still, you need that third element.)

     One without the other makes it very hard for it to grow properly or at all. If you do not have water then nothing can grow it’s just dirt. [Genesis:2:4-6]  If you do not have the seed nothing can grow either, but if you have all three key components you have a beautiful healthy fruit tree.  This is how the tree gives off its fruit flower. The flower (child) grows into a fruit with the seed inside. When the fruit matures it falls from the tree to start the life cycle over again.

      Now think of the female body that has to go through all this inside one vessel (the body). The body has to go through a lot of physical changes to attain the accomplishment of the purpose of procreating. On the soul it could cause emotional imbalance or changes (the body does not have emotion) It does have nerves to trigger the brain to “feel” but the one that is receiving the trigger to “feel” is the brain telling the soul (it hurts, feels good etc..)

      Staying on track and not a biology lesson; is that the soul is at its most powerful when connected to God at this special time during a woman’s reproductive phase. This is why we get the (glow) because you are beaming with two lives within you, two souls which is amazing! Yes; there are biological explanations to the glow but remember the spirituality behind or before the biology is what we are talking about and connecting together. [Genesis:1:1]  [Genesis:1:26-28]

      Now, if you have ever been pregnant you know it is not so glamorous as some may appear it to be. Though it is tough on some people and a breeze for others (which is a blessing), the woman is most connected to God at this point in her life. Knowingly or not. This connection is special and no one can comprehend or take that away from you because it is so unique to each person.

     Some women have a stronger connection with this power than others. This is ok too, I mean for about 40 weeks or 10 months you have this spiritual tie with God in being this vessel for another life and human being that when it is time to give birth, enormous strength and power bursts through the female in order to bring the offspring into the world

    Though it is the first breath of air, it does not mean it’s the first moment of life. Life began already 10 months ago at conception when God connected with your soul to bring another to life. This is how the baby is able to grow. Nothing that is dead grows, only something that is alive.

(Image on left: Heart in embryo. Another image to show life in the womb, a beating heart)

      Once the female has pushed out or given birth to this other life, then that power of birth runs through the female in order to raise it, teach it how to work its new body and train it to work properly. That is how we come to the saying “mommy has super powers” because they are “super powers” God’s powers! To deal with the daily upbringing of another soul in another body.

    Even though all this super power talk is great and we all feel like “Wonder Woman”; t here is one thing we forget to talk about most of the time. The loss of connection with the 3 powers of creation. To know you were just the most powerful you will ever be one second and lose it the next is hard for the soul to accept so quickly.

      The shift from a powerful being to not as powerful, and becoming a caregiver in charge of this innocent and fragile life that depends on you (female) to live 100% is a bit of a stressful concept for the soul to jump into. I know mothers are overflowing with joy and love that a baby brings, but don’t forget how it got there and who needs immediate attention. YOUR SOUL!


     This to some women (females) is depressing. Why? Well, you just lost the connection of being your most fertile, having your created purpose fulfilled. Now you must move on immediately to making sure this gift (child) stays alive and fulfills its purpose as well. Wait, what about mom? (woman/female) don’t we get a moment too? To console the soul first? Most cases you don’t because no one teaches you that part of biology. The spiritual part. The part that makes you; YOU. Without it, you are just tissue, muscle, bones, and cells; no life in you. This is huge and we need to bring awareness to each other and work on this. You see it in the growth of the amygdala in the brain once a mother gives birth. It is a proven scientific fact. The almond-shaped set of neurons which helps process memory and drives emotional reactions. Emotional meaning spiritual because your physical body does not feel the emotion, your soul does.

     Yes, mom needs help coping so she can continue her next superpower and raise the children. Yes, postpartum depression is real, very real. So much so that some mothers even in the animal species do not wish to tend to their young and have emotional (soul) issues. Scientists say it is the empathy-related regions of the brain, in reality, they have no real explanation for the soul. Overcoming this and moving towards the next step in the soul’s’ life should be a big focal point when giving birth.

      Some doctors may look at it as a chemical imbalance, yes it is true the disconnect creates such things in the physical body such as chemical imbalance, physical changes like weight, breasts changes, skin spots, hair texture changes, shoe size, eyesight and many more which the soul has a hard time dealing with so abruptly. I mean you were used to the person you were before baby and that person is no longer. Now it’s super mom! The question remains, how is your soul dealing with the changes and the disconnect from the other soul you created and had inside your soul? Wow, try saying that three times fast! A newborn’s ability to distinguish between his or her mother and anybody else is linked to the amygdala. See the connection? God and Soul through the brain.

     There is a point in every female’s life that you are able to snap out of the depression and figure out who this new physical being is (Mother). The soul’s acceptance of this new life and duty of being a mother to another soul (dynamics change in the life of the soul). Some do it with the help of others (family, friends, doctors, therapists) each journey is unique and special to each mother. This is what makes you and your journey so special. Your journey is only yours and no one can tell you otherwise, because only you know what it is like to be you, inside and out.

     Usually, if not before, at this point if you do believe in God and this wonderful process he has created that the woman (female) has just gone through; is when the female becomes closest to God. Understanding His Divine Plan, His love for you is comprehended by the love you have for your baby.  He blesses you with those “superpowers” for the remainder of your soul’s life. What is a good natural way to overcome Postpartum Depression? God. Prayer for help, guidance, and wisdom for this soul’s next adventure and purpose. Please help other mothers overcome this and understand its soul’s purpose, connecting with the child’s soul and making it grow. Pass this along and give them the guidance they need to heal their soul quickly.


By: Krizia Coleman

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