Pregnancy Hospital Bag Necessities

20 May

What you really need for the hospital. This was a question I got a lot of different answers to depending on the mother and well the amount of children you are having at once etc. Roughly this is what I took and what I really ended up using.

  • Make sure you do your hands and feet before going to the hospital. It will be a while before you get to do them again and everyone will be looking at you.
  • Anything you may need for the bathroom. (Toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash and creams, blow dryer, hair cap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and sponge, razor, hair brush, clip or ponytail, glasses/contacts, contact case and solution and some pj’s)
  • Breastfeeding sleep bras (if you plan on breastfeeding) take one for each day you are at the hospital. I say this just incase you may want to change them and or have leaking accidents.
  • Breastfeeding pads. Use them because you will leak and if you put ointment on your nipples it will stain your sleep bra.
  • Nipple ointment they will crack and hurt so take your ointment to make it feel better.
  • Slippers and socks to sleep in. Remember your feet will swell no matter what delivery you have so make sure your socks will be big and not tight.
  • You do not need normal under ware if you had a c-section. You will have a special under ware that is FANTASTIC. As well as pads. Just use the ones at the hospital they are comfortable and save the ones you have for when you go home. If you have a vaginal birth then take under ware.
  • A going home outfit for you and your baby. (have your partner follow this list too, but he can ware regular clothing not just pj’s daily.)
  • Nursing bra to go home in.
  • Make up to go home (you want to look presentable right?)
  • I-pad and charger (optional)
  • Phone/ Charger
  • Camera/Recorder
  • Snacks you and your partner will be hungry!
  • Soft jacket to go over pj’s some hospitals may be cold
  • Remember your hospital will give you everything you need for the baby so take advantage of it and take as much as you can. Diapers, wipes, formula, ointment etc.
  • Take your own butt ointment if you feel more comfortable.
  • If you have a girl well any cute hair bandana you want to put on her to go home or for pictures but let her be when not doing so. She is just born and skin is very delicate.
  • Remember every time the nurse takes your baby to check them, bathe them or do whatever they need to they will change the outfit you have on and put the hospital shirt on them when they return the baby back to you. Tip: Just leave the outfits for when you go home. The baby will be wrapped up in the blanket the entire time unless being changed so you will not need the cute clothes just yet. Especially running the risk of loosing an article of clothing like I did when they changed my son. Take advantage of the shirts and keep them they will come in handy later on. Save the hand mittens also for home the shirts have the mitts on them already.
  • Socks for baby if you like
  • Spit up blankets
  • Baby hats (in my case my son’s head was too big for the hat’s they have for newborns so thankfully I had my own)
  • Baby Blankets (even though they gave us the hospital ones, I felt that it was more comfortable to sleep with the ones we got him at night, but that’s just me.)
  • Boppy Pillow (it will help you breastfeed and hold your baby)
  • Your Pillow (it will be a lot more comfortable than the ones at the hospital)
  • Small bag for your belongings if you go for a c-section it is easier to keep your stuff in it. Ex. Phone, glasses, camera, clothes that you take off

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