Did You Know? #13-15 After Delivery

15 Nov

#13 When you give birth and you start to carry your baby, you will realize that your back will start to hurt. This is something no one tells you. Get yourself a chiropractor and massages frequently to help.

My Birth Story Part 2 (Delivery Day)

10 Nov

The day of delivery, well what can I say, I of course did not sleep the night before because of the nerves. The thought of that being my last night as just me and as a couple and from this … Read More »

Did You Know? #11-12 (Helping Baby Sleep)

5 Nov

#11 Make sure you start a routine as soon as possible. Suggested time with some success is at 3 months of age. They are able to sleep longer and take naps throughout the day and it will make life a … Read More »

Did You Know? #6-10

4 Nov

6. When stung by a bee according to some moms putting garlic spread on the site makes it feel better. 7. To save from washing your changing pad covers all the time from “accidents” use adult liners and place them … Read More »

Now don’t get me wrong its not like I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy at all. I did have great moments, but that’s what they were for me moments. For example, the first time I felt the baby move, the times when I massaged my coco butter cream on after the shower and the baby reacted to the feeling. When I would watch or hear anything that had nice singing or classical music the baby would respond to it by “dancing” in my belly. All of these experiences no one else in the world was going to experience them with my baby but ME! How special is that! I got to know when my baby was happy, angry, bothered, sleeping or just playing. No one knew that but me, that made me feel special. Continue reading

When I Found Out (Part 1)

24 Oct

I am going to share my pregnancy story and experiences in hopes that other women can relate and realize that it is ok to feel different. I was one of those women that felt different. You see when I found … Read More »