Post Your Picture Contest!

23 Feb

Post Your Picture Contest!   Post your best solo or group picture with my book “The Elephant in the Room From Pregnancy to the First Year Of Parenthood ”  The BEST Picture WINS a group talk about the entire book with demonstrations … Read More »

Pregnancy Hospital Bag Necessities

20 May

What you really need for the hospital. This was a question I got a lot of different answers to depending on the mother and well the amount of children you are having at once etc. Roughly this is what I … Read More »

Did You Know?

29 Oct

This continuous segment is a factual segment in which facts are collected about pregnancy that no one talks about. It is where you find out issues, things that may or may not occur to you that pregnancy books just don’t … Read More »

Now don’t get me wrong its not like I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy at all. I did have great moments, but that’s what they were for me moments. For example, the first time I felt the baby move, the times when I massaged my coco butter cream on after the shower and the baby reacted to the feeling. When I would watch or hear anything that had nice singing or classical music the baby would respond to it by “dancing” in my belly. All of these experiences no one else in the world was going to experience them with my baby but ME! How special is that! I got to know when my baby was happy, angry, bothered, sleeping or just playing. No one knew that but me, that made me feel special. Continue reading

When I Found Out (Part 3 My Resolution)

25 Oct

Here is how I was able to let go of that emotion. Step 1: I recognized that it wasn’t the baby’s fault so I was not going to blame the baby or hurt the baby in any way. I had … Read More »

When I Found Out (Part 2)

24 Oct

I’m not going to sit here and say I had a bad pregnancy because I didn’t, well not compared to some horror stories from other mom’s that I have heard. For example some moms have “morning sickness” (which is not … Read More »

When I Found Out (Part 1)

24 Oct

I am going to share my pregnancy story and experiences in hopes that other women can relate and realize that it is ok to feel different. I was one of those women that felt different. You see when I found … Read More »