Book: The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room From Pregnancy to the First Year of Parenthood

This book has helpful tips for new parents, health tips and issues we deal with during pregnancy and parenting.

Have you wondered about the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of pregnant-elephant-01pregnancy and parenthood? Look no further. The psychological aspect of what’s “O.K” to feel or what “not” to feel during pregnancy and parenthood, what to expect and what to deal with during this first crucial year of parenthood. It covers your entire family!

The Elephant in the Room also covers very important tips for new dads to understand what exactly ‘Mom’ is going through as well as helpful guidelines to have a functional household once your baby arrives.

What do you really need for your new baby, the hospital and how much could your new baby actually cost? Find it here along with pertinent information on vaccines and other alternative medicines available.

More information on this informative book and other important matters for new & existing parents are found on the author’s blog at

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  2. I can’t say enough good things about this book. As a first time mother, I struggled to find a book that encompassed all aspects of motherhood. This book is very informative, direct, and helpful to all parents.

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