Vaccine Side Effects (Video & Ingredients)

11 Jun

vaccine-cartoonNow I am a strong believer in you should do what you think is best for your child as a parent. But being well informed before you make your decision is crucial now adays.

Why? Well just as we take care of animals and our foods we eat because of hormones they put in it and we try to eat organic to avoid those things. Like pesticides and much more things they put on crops and inject in chicken and meat and what they feed live stocks and how they are grown, we fight and try to avoid those foods, vaccines are in the same category but much harder to deal with. Parents for generations have been told we must put them because of preventing health etc.. the case between vaxers and non vaxers is huge around the world and a very touchy subject.

Well, I’m not afraid to tell you that yes I once was a vaxer and in researching more and more and my son also having a reaction not nearly as bad as in this video but bad enough for me to do some educating of my own. Even a cousin of mine is close to a situation in this video but thankfully not as bad but STILL there.  I have for ALL parents conveniently put this documented information that is on the government site for all to see the actual ingredients in the vaccines in a section in my book The Elephant In The Room From Pregnancy to the First Year of Parenthood and I will put them here as well.

Vaccines pg2Vaccines pg1

Review these pictures carefully and know what you are doing before you do it. Because once it is done and it’s too late to turn back. I’m not here to say that they do cause anything… but I am here to say that if you have a DNA Gene that may have a trigger from any of these ingredients, mixing them together or too Vaccines pg3Vaccines pg4many at once; once it is done it is too late and your child has changed forever. I hope and pray that is never the case but educate before you vaccinate.

Vaccines pg5Vaccines pg6 Just in case you did not get the link for the video here it is again: Vaccine Effect Video I will also copy the text from the article. Vaccines pg7 Vaccines pg8 Vaccines pg9 Vaccines pg11Vaccines pg10 Vaccines pg12

November 2004 is forever etched in the memory of Ben Zeller, Sr. Ten days after his son received his measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and Chickenpox vaccines his father and mother noted changes in Lil Ben’s behavior. His appetite was off, he was sleeping more, and he no longer played appropriately with his toys. On Nov. 27, 2004 while Father was changing his son’s diaper, he noticed that the baby’s eyes did not look right. Ben was lifeless when his father lifted him.

Zeller called Emergency Rescue and his neighbor, a registered nurse, who came to the Zeller’s home and revived Lil Ben. An Emergency Medical Service (EMS) team arrived and took Ben to a nearby hospital. In these first frantic moments that foreshadowed Ben’s painful future, Zeller had a realization: the MMR vaccine that Ben had received 10 days prior was the cause of his seizure.

The Zellers were sent home from the hospital on the night of Ben’s first seizure with Motrin. They were told Ben’s fever and seizures were adverse effects of his vaccination. But the trips to the emergency room continued throughout that week. Zeller brought his son to the hospital several times as a result of recurring 5-30 seizures per day.

In December, Ben was admitted to a hospital in Miami, where he would stay for 11 days. “They did an MRI,” says Zeller, “and they found that his brain was degenerating. The seizures became worse. He would have 10, 20, and then 30 in one day, all within one month.” The Zellers were told repeatedly that Ben was suffering from a genetic disorder, but all genetic testing came back with inconclusive results.

The Vaccine Court Case

Israeli Zeller Family decided to sue the United States Federal Government, United States Department of Justice and United States Human Health Services in Washington D.C. in Vaccine Court and U.S. Federal Claims Court ruled in favor of compensation for the Zeller family in July 2008. The Zeller family was one of the largest settlements in Vaccine court’s history.

Ultimately the court highlighted the fact that Ben had been progressing and was neurologically stable until he received the MMR vaccine. (Judge) Special Master Richard Abell noted that if regression had been occurring prior to the vaccination, there would be mention of it in the thorough documentation that was presented to the court. “The first note of regression noted in the medical records appears to be from December of 2004,” read the entitlement ruling, “following the vaccination, the initial seizure ten days subsequent, and the bout of successive seizures in early December. The medical progress notes from 17 December 2004 include a description of Benjamin’s ‘developmental regression and seizures.’”The court also found that neurodegeneration was not taking place prior to the vaccination, as Wiznitzer postulated. “If not but for the administration of the vaccines, Ben would not have suffered brain damage and seizures”

By: Krizia Guerra-Coleman

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