Wheat And Gluten The Effects On Your Baby

1 Jun

Wheat And Gluten The Effects On Your Baby


For all new parents with teething babies going from puree food to solids, the transition can be challenging at times. One thing for sure is that babies like to chew on stuff. Whatever it may be from plastic teethers, toys, beads and even foods.

When starting the transition to solid foods soft foods is best to try out so that your little one does not choke on anything. Right? Well yes; but what do parents usually think of? BREAD. That makes total sense it’s soft, they won’t choke on anything small and its a great teether! I know I started the same way, especially out in a restaurant it was a great way to keep my baby quiet, entertained and learning about solids. Besides bread is great tasting, I mean we are all tempted to eat bread and somehow fill up before our food gets to us right? lol.

What happens when wheat and gluten are introduced to a baby in a more than a fist size amount?

My son just like me are bread fans and who can blame him! But his appetite was much larger than any fist size or normal baby. This has been very interesting in our daily lives compared to other babies. After some time of the transition into solids and eating healthy but good food we fell into a study of our own.

Our doctor noticed a change in growth and weight. He had not kept growing as fast as he had been since birth. He had always been in the 95% in the charts with both growth and weight. Since starting bread, pasta or anything that involved wheat or gluten his weight and height had suffered. The chart bellow will show you the difference.

We tested it out and stopped him completely from bread, pasta and anything with wheat and gluten and his grown went up substantially within a month in both areas.Elis CHARTS-page-001 Elis CHARTS-page-002

So the pediatrician and I realized that these two ingredients have a great effect on your child’s development in height and weight if too much is consumed.

Maintain the amount of gluten and wheat to a minimum if you see this occurring in your child. Or if you skip it all together and use this study and advice and only give your baby small amounts of these ingredients such as in pizza or pizza crust, pasta, bread and anything else containing wheat and gluten.

There are wheat and gluten free products that can be substituted at home but not in many public places.

Let’s keep our babies growing healthy and strong like they are supposed to be.

By: Author/Blogger Krizia Guerra-Coleman

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