Wish I would have known #16-22

25 May

#16 Realize that a few things that were normal to you before baby are now a luxury. Like what you say? Well like sleep for sure! Try not sleeping for 4 days just to say a number and have a baby screaming for food or a changing ever 2 hours and try to function of your daily life. See how easy that is. Taking a shower daily and maybe washing your hair or even shaving your legs believe it or not. Eating anything before 2pm, why? Well you are so busy with the baby with feeding, changing diapers and clothing and putting them down to sleep by the time you check your watch it is 2pm and you have yet to eat a thing.

Once your baby is about 3-4months of age and they start to grab watch out for your earrings they may just pull them off or hurt your ear. Jewelry is also a luxury because babies like to bite it, pull on it and break things. Staying clean… yea that doesn’t exist anymore. When you go out take a change of clothes for yourself too. Talking on the phone… haha! Yea there you have it the last time you have a conversation without a crying baby or a babbling baby right when you start your conversation. If you have help congratulations your life will be a little bit easier. Watching your favorite shows on TV, well you just jumped to baby channel, cartoons and musical TV. Make sure you have TVO or a recorder to watch your shows once the baby is sleeping. This helps in the middle of the night when your feeding and need to stay up too. 😉

#17 When going on an outing with a newborn make sure you have plenty of diapers at least 6 in the bag to be safe and 3-4 changes to clothes because they will get dirty from spit up or a wet or dirty diaper. As the baby gets older you will realize you do not need as much and you can adjust from there. Usually take at least 1 or 2 changes at all times.

#18 This is so important and so true I have to re-emphasize it. No one tells you that you know what love is when your baby is born. You think you love your mate or family… Think again! You will know what love is when your baby is in your arms and you will re evaluate your love for everyone else. The love for your baby is so unbelievably great that words do not do it justice. It is overwhelming, it is unstoppable and momma lion will come out if any danger or thought of danger comes across to your baby. This will really be an eye opener for you the first time it occurs on who you have become.

#19 Know that a woman changes three times in her life; Who she is before baby, who she becomes when she finds out she is pregnant and throughout the pregnancy and once more when baby arrives. This is a lot for most women because it’s so much in a year’s time that it can be overwhelming. That too is ok and you will get used to the new person you have become when baby arrives in due time. You will realize what you now will and will not tolerate, who you let close to your baby and yourself, what you like and do not like and what your morals, principles and values really are, because you have to pass them down to your baby and raise them the way you want them to be raised.

#20 Once you have your baby you will realize some things in your closet will not fit or be the same ever! I’m not saying your maternity clothes that you are still in. I’m talking about when you loose the baby fat and you shrink back down. Some women gain a half inch in shoe size and loose all your previous shoes. Other women like myself have the bone structure widen in your chest cavity going from for example a 32” to a 34” meaning all my bras and shirts went from a S to an M, and in hips for your jeans and pants from (for me) a 26” to a 27” Therefore all my pants, skirts, dresses, jeans and even under ware did not fit anymore going from a S to an M. I think this realization and acceptance was and still is the hardest to swallow. Some things you can’t help and will never be the same. (Swallow hard and think positive!) New Wardrobe!

#21 Some children between the age of 6months to 12months old go through something called Roseola. This is a viral infection that has been caught by someone coughing on your baby or contracted by a toy that another baby had. Either way it is very common and nothing to fear. Though for everything that is health wise please consult with your pediatrician to make sure your baby is ok. But this is so you do not freak out when you realize something is going on. See, Roseola starts off with a very high fever but if your this far along your baby has been teething by now so your first thought is that he/she is teething. You give them baby Tylenol and some cold wet cloths on the baby’s forehead and neck and the fever will eventually break, but if the fever persists on day two and three you may begin to worry… well it may be Roseola. It starts with a fever for 3 days and then it stops. The baby will then develop a red rash all over his/her body starting on the trunk (stomach) and working its way around the entire body on day 4. It looks like chicken pox but it is NOT. It does not itch, all it is just a rash. Once the rash surfaces the worst part of the virus is over. Now just wait untill it goes away. There is nothing the pediatrician will give you for it. The hard part of this is… well … the baby becomes IRRITABLE! So much so you don’t even recognize the character of your baby anymore. This can be VERY frustrating. No worries just stick it out it is only a week. This too shall pass and you and your baby will be good to go.

#22 Trick to fevers that a Mommy shared with me. For very high fevers that do not break please see a pediatrician or the emergency room. But until you get there if you try to break it at home, hospitals put a cold wash cloth on a boy’s testicles to break high hard to break fevers. This is the alternative to those cold showers our parents used to do to us. But please ask your pediatrician before doing this.

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